Building A Seats Incorporated Catalog Number

Start with the first 6 digits of the catalog number. The first 6 digits explains what the seat is.
For Example, 188900 is the Legacy SILVER

Add letter for fabric type and color code: "K" for SyncPLUS, "F" for Tufftex™ or "M" for Duraleather™
188900M (Duraleather™)

Then add "W" for underadjust arms or "N" for no arms
188900MW (Under Adjust Arms)

Then add 2 or 4 digit corresponding color code - see below
188900MW61 (Black)

SyncPLUS (K)   Tufftex ™ (F)   DuraLeather™ (M)   Two Tone
DuraLeather™ (M)
  DuraLeather™ Diamond
Plate GunMetal Cloth
Combo (Q)
Black 21   Black 31   Black 61   Black N/A   Black/GunMetal 1267
Blue 22   Blue 32   Blue 62   Black/Blue 1162   Highback Legacy Only
Brown 23   Brown 33   Brown 63   Black/Brown 1163    
Burgundy 24   Burgundy 34   Burgundy 64   Black/Burgundy 1164  
Gray 25   Gray 35   Gray 65   Black/Gray 1165  


There are additional features available on the LEGACY Seating:
188900MWO61 (Adds the optional Heater Massage Unit to the Legacy SILVER)

Optional Features:
"B" Bellows (Legacy SILVER & HD) 188900MWB61 Legacy SILVER with Bellows
"H" Heater (ALL Legacy) 188900MWH61 Legacy SILVER with Heater
"Z" Bellows & Heater (Legacy SILVER & HD) 188900MWZ61 Legacy SILVER w/ Bellows & Heater
"O" Heater Massage (ALL Legacy) 188900MWO61 Legacy SILVER w/ Heater Massage
"X" Bellows & Heater Massage (Legacy SILVER & HD) 188900MWX61 Legacy SILVER w/ Bellows & Heater Massage